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Clint Boelsche, Kunstsammler, Austin (Foto)
Boelsche-Porträt aus The Austin Chronicle


Auszug aus einer e-mail
von Dan Boelsche
an Jochen Bölsche (15. 3. 1996):

There are maybe 30 Boelsches in the United States. My family originally came from Germany in the 1850's, and they moved to central Texas, which is terrific farmland.

My grandfather (age 95) still speaks with German accent even though he was born and raised in the United States (they spoke German at home).

Most of the US Boelsches are located in Texas. I moved to Virginia 9 years ago. There are some in New Jersey, and a handful in Florida (they came from the New Jersey cluster).

I am 32 years old, husband and father of four children.

My understanding is that all Boelsches worldwide came from one Boelsche who emigrated to Germany from France during the French Revolution ~ 1789, and he germanized his name to "Boelsche".

Dan Boelsche


Dan J. Boelsche, Virginia Beach, Virginia


Auszug aus einer e-mail
von Ellen Boelsche
an Jochen Bölsche (20. 9. 00):

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I am yet another US Boelsche. My name is Ellen (my sister is Linda, and my parents are Leslie and Joyce). I recently graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in French and Linguistics. I am currently living in Austin. Thanks for setting up this website. It's exciting to all the family I have all over the US and the world!
Ellen Boelsche
7586 Chevy Chase, #208
Austin, TX 78752


Ellen Boelsche


Auszug aus einer e-mail
von Linda Boelsche
an Jochen Bölsche
(7. 1. 2000):

Dear Jochen,

This is the only  information I can remember off-hand.  I'm sorry that I cannot remember more dates and middle names.  I'm in Houston at the moment, but I have some detailed information at my parents' house in Dallas.  If you would like to know more, I can give you detailed information about myself, my sister, and Renee Boelsche. Other than that, I'll have to get in contact with my father, my aunt, and my uncle.  If you're interested, let me know. I hope you like the information below.
Linda Boelsche


Alfred H. Boelsche married Mary Robertson in 1918. He was 18 and she was 16. 
  They had two sons, Alfred and Robert. (Alfred is my grandfather)

~Alfred married Sue Smith  and had three children:

Leslie Boelsche <born 1948>
Karen (Boelsche) Dilts <born 1950>
David Boelsche <born 1952>

~Leslie married Joyce Young and had two daughters:

Ellen Elizabeth Boelsche <born 1977>
Linda Catherine Boelsche <born 1981>

~Karen had two children with a man named Steve Elkins:

Nicholaus Elkins <born 1979>
Audrey Kate Elkins <born 1981>

and then Karen married a man named Gary Dilts and had another daughter:

Jordan Dilts

~David married Sharon Nell-Boelsche and they have four children:

Renee Marie Boelsche <born 1980>
Alex Boelsche
Phillip Boelsche
Eric Boelsche


Linda Catherine Boelsche


David Boelsche, Hochschullehrer, Lubbock
"Towards an Understanding of Freewriting"


The Singing
Plainsmen Chorus

Robert W. Boelsche, Moonachie, New Jersey
Sharon Nell-Boelsche, Jefferson, Virginia
Etta Schmidt Boelsche+, Pinellas Park, Florida
Renee Boelsche
Leslie Boelsche,
Cedar Hill,


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